Scars and Stretch Marks

What is it?

Scars are a result of injury or trauma to an area of the skin. Fibrous tissue replaces normal skin during wound repair leaving behind what we see as scarring. Scarring is a natural part of the skins healing process. However this can be unsightly and no matter how big or small the area is, it can affect a persons confidence.

The good thing is scaring from acne, chicken pox, or trauma are easily treated depending on the type of scar it is, the age of the scar tissue and the way the individual heals, there are a variety of different options for improving the appearance of scaring. If the scar or stretch mark is still red or pink the blood supply to the area is still good so treatment results will be quicker and more effective.


How to treat it

There is a variety of different treatments and combination treatments to treat scar tissue a few of these are:-

Chemical peels
Dermal fillers
Fractional laser skin resurfacing
Medical needling
Laser and IPL

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