Thread Veins/Telangiectasia/Spider Naevi

What Facial Thread Veins are?  

Facial Thread Veins go by the medical term Telangiectasia and can also be known as Spider Veins. This occurs when small veins become enlarged close to the surface of the skin. Facial Thread Veins can form in clusters which can cover significant surface areas of the skin. These are common and are caused by too much alcohol, acne, rosacea, smoking and sun over-exposure. Facial Thread Veins can form in clusters which can cover significant surface areas of the skin. Thread Veins are red or purple broken veins and capillaries which appear on the face, mainly on the cheeks and nose. They occur on both male and female skin, while they are harmless many sufferers choose to treat their Facial Thread Veins for cosmetic reasons.   


How Facial Thread Veins are Treated?

Facial Thread Veins or Spider Veins as they are called can be successfully treated, but best results are on pale skins with bright Spider Veins, as the most effective treatment Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapies, work by focusing on colour. IPL Laser treatment can eliminate damaged veins and capillaries by targeting the light energy at the Facial Thread Veins. The light energy is absorbed by the haemoglobin and converted to heat energy. This heat energy causes the blood to coagulate, resulting in the vessel wall collapsing. In time the vessel is broken down and absorbed by the body, meaning that the thread veins will no longer be visible. Facial Thread Veins are a cosmetic issue rather than a medical problem. The cost for Facial Thread Veins will be given on all free consultations where treatment plans will be discussed with our Aesthetician.



Following your treatment you may experience:

  • A slight reddening/swelling of the skin in the area.
  • Warmth in the area that has been treated.
  • Pin dot crusting in the area that has been treated.
  • The skin may feel itchy as it heals.

Following treatment ensure you follow the aftercare advice to avoid unwanted reactions or infections:

  • Normally after 48 hours pin dot crusts or scabs may appear to seal the skin and prevent infection. The crusts must not be picked off, as to do so will result in scarring. The crusts or scabs may be indistinguishable and may be felt rather than seen.
  • Apply aftercare lotion regularly, with fresh, clean cotton wool, until the area has completely healed.
  • Aftercare products recommended use is: Sterex Witch Hazel Gel for 24-48 hours, followed by 28 days of the Sterex Aloe Vera Gel. Apply twice a day or as often as required under usual day/night cream. Apres Clear can be substituted for the Witch Hazel Gel and offers additional anti bacterial properties.
  • The treatment area can be washed or cleansed, using a gentle soap free/perfume free cleanser. Gently pat the area dry to avoid dislodging of any crusts.
  • Avoid activities that will cause dilation of the capillaries, such as exercise, hot baths, hot showers, hot foods and alcohol for a minimum of 48 hours.
  • Do not fly within the next 48 hours.
  • Avoid swimming, saunas, steam rooms, facial steaming, facial scrubs, waxing and other beauty treatments until the area has completely healed.
  • Please keep out of UV light as much as possible. Cover up with hats or parasol. The area treated and any areas showing a predisposition to Telangiectasia should be protected at all times particularly in the summer months.
  • Avoid Avoid the possible causes of thread veins, for example, wearing tight fitting glasses, squeezing spots, vigorously blowing the nose.
  • Avoid using any possible skin sensitizers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan products or perfumed body lotions.
  • Leg treatment heals slower than facial treatments and can take a few months to fade. Sun and UV light should be avoided completely until any redness has faded.
  • Should you have any concerns regarding your treatment please contact the Clinic.

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