Warts & Verrucas

Warts And Verruca’s

Warts And Verruca’s are small lumps on the skin that most people have at some point in their life. They usually go away on their own but may take months or even years.

Warts feel firm and rough, they can appear on palms, knuckles, knees and fingers. Some Warts are round, flat and can be Yellow (plane warts)

Clusters of Warts, spread over an area of skin and are common on feet and hands. Warts do not cause you any harm but some people find them itchy, painful or embarrassing.

Verruca’s appear on your feet. They have tiny black dots under the hard skin. Verruca’s are more likely to be painful – like standing on a needle.  

What causes them? 

Warts and verrucas are caused by a viral infection in the skin, the virus is called human papilloma.

This virus gets in to the skin through small cuts or minor abrasion, particularly if the skin is warm and moist.

The virus that causes verrucas can be easily picked up in changing rooms and around swimming pools.

What treats them?

If you are suffering with warts or verrucas, We offer safe and effective treatment that will remove the condition and restore soft and flawless skin.

Laser removal –

A highly targeted beam of laser light is aimed at the wart or verruca. The energy from the laser heats up the blood vessels feeding the problem area, which collapse in on themselves as a result and stop the blood supply. This starves the wart or verruca of nutrients so it naturally falls off after a few weeks. The procedure usually only takes a few minutes. There is minimal discomfort during the treatment.

The healthy skin around your wart or verruca won’t be damaged.

After Care

Following your treatment you may experience:

  • A slight reddening and/or swelling of the skin in the area.
  • Sensitivity and warmth in the area that has been treated.
  • The appearance of the verruca may change once treated, a scab may form and eventually fall away naturally.
  • The skin may itch as the healing process takes place.

Following treatment ensure you follow the aftercare advice to avoid unwanted reactions or infections

  • Do not touch the treated area and do not, under any circumstances remove any scabs that may appear.
  • Apply aftercare product regularly, with clean fresh cotton wool, until the area has completely healed.
  • Aftercare products recommended use is: Sterex Witch Hazel Gel for 24-48 hours or as often as required, followed by 28 days of the Sterex Aloe Vera Gel. Apply twice a day under usual day/night cream. Apres Clear can be substituted for the Witch Hazel Gel and offers additional anti bacterial properties.
  • Try to keep off your feet as much as possible for at least 48 hours following treatment. The area will be sensitive and standing for long periods, exercise, walking is not recommended. Light flattish comfy shoes with protective cushioned soles are recommended for a few days following treatment.
  • The treatment area can be washed or cleansed, using a gentle soap free/perfume free cleanser. Gently pat the area dry using dry disposable towels or tissue.
  • Avoid swimming, saunas, steam rooms, pedicures, reflexology, foot files or foot products in the area treated until the area has completely healed.
  • Avoid using any possible skin sensitizers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan products or perfumed body lotions.
  • Should you have nay concerns regarding your treatment please contact the clinic.

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