What is it?

Hyperpigmentation is brown patches that appear on the skin as a person ages. it can be caused by sun damage or genetics. They are benign patches of over produced melanin in certain areas that resemble large freckles, ranging in colour from light brown to black. They usually appear on the face, neck, hands or feet.

Some types of hyperpigmentation include:

Age spots, these are caused by sun exposure and so are normally found in areas that are frequently exposed to the sun.
Melasma or Chloasma, also called the pregnancy mask.it is a result of hormonal influences such as pregnancy and birth control pills.
Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation normally caused by skin trauma often found in acne sufferers or after healing from a cosmetic procedure.

Although this pigmentation is not harmful it can be aesthetically displeasing and many people wish to have it removed.

A high physical sun protection should always been worn amongst pigmentation sufferers


How to treat it

Your aesthetician will examine your skin and advice you on the best treatment for you.

Some treatments include:-

Laser skin resurfacing
Chemical peels
Laser and IPL
Specifically designed homecare routines

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