The Sunekos® natural treatment that promotes your youthful, natural features.

It restores Skin Elasticity and natural volumes, a patented formula of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids to stimulate the production of Collagen and Elastin, enabling extra Cellular Matrix regeneration.

Great to:-

• Treat and prevent skin aging & elastosis

• Reduce expression lines and thin wrinkles Sunekos® 200 is the first line product and it is suitable for all types of dermis.

Due to its characteristics and through a specific injection technique, it is recommended to obtain a lifting effect or volumizing effect.

Sunekos® 200 can be used on any kind of dermis and in different parts of the body such as: face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Sunekos® 200 is particularly effective in the Periocular Area, to reduce Dark Circles and Bags, and also on the Forehead area.

Which are the main benefits of Sunekos® 200?

Intradermal treatment with Sunekos® 200 corrects and protects the dermis from the signs of aging. Sunekos is the only natural product in professional dermo-aesthetics that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, restoring elasticity and volume to the skin.

When should I expect to see the benefits of Sunekos® 200?

Sunekos® 200 acts in a physiological way. The standard protocol for the face consists of 4 injections; it is common to see improvements after the first session.  

How long are the results lasting?

Depending on the patients and their skin conditions, results can last for up to 6 months before repeating the procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the area that is being treated Sunekos® 200 protocol requires 4 treatments over a 3 to 4 week period, each treatment normally can be completed in 15 minutes.

After treatment, how quickly can I resume my normal activities/life?

The procedure has no downtime, and the patient can immediately continue as normal.



£150 per treatment

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