Join us in our isolation pamper days!

Posted: Thursday, 14 May 2020 @ 12:25

Hello my fellow inmates!

We are fast approaching the 7..8 no 9th...I've lost count of how many weeks in isolation but we hope you are all staying safe and sane. The staff at DermaNu Clinic have been entertaining themselves and each other by having their own Isolation pamper days at home, using what they have at home or can still get their hands on.

Take a look at what they've been upto...

Day with Anna

To start things off let me share my music for the day. I’ve chosen 639hz frequency which is perfect for relationship improvement, enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. It really resonated with me.

Invigorating nettle tea to begin, then an hour of morning Tai Chi practise.

After my work out I made my first super juice which consisted of, celery, pears, apples, spinach and lime, served with a touch of hemp oil and organic honey.

Next onto making my face mask. Which consisted of, avocado, natural kefir, hemp oil & honey.

Time for hair, another homemade beauty product. Linseed in water, cooked for 10 min. Looks disgusting but great for your hair, can also be used as hair gel!

Finally my concoction for my evening soak in the bath, included good quality salt, thyme, rose petals & pink quartz. Very relaxing. All the ingredients I have used on my pamper day have served me really well, my energy level was high, my skin looked good and fresh. I highly recommend days taking care of ourselves, it’s fun and amazing opportunity to spoil ourselves during this time.


Day with Jeni

Firstly we had a relaxing lavender bubble bath with lavender extract and a fresh apple juice. I made my own natural face mask which consisted of ground oat and natural yoghurt as my daughters face is so sensitive and I used an NSPA pomegranate and blackberry spa moisturising and hydrating clay mask on myself.

Next onto our pedicures. We improvised a foot spa using the washing up bowl. For the pedicure we used the Kaeso pedicure scrub and a pedi egg, painted our nails and finished using the NIVEA Aloe Vera soothing cream.

We had the best day and look forward to the next one.


Isolation Pamper with Roxanne

To begin - My book of calm (mindfulness and relaxation) today's focus. Be good to yourself. ' some day's you just have to create your own sunshine' Followed by an hour of Yoga.

Vitamin C Boost Smoothie - 2 oranges, 3 sweet baby carrots, 1apple, 1 mug of water, crushed ice. Scotch pancakes with Blueberries, Strawberries and Honey.

Facial - My home kit, some of the products and tools I will use throughout the day. Not forgetting to cleanse, exfoliate, steam, tone and moisturise. Followed by a steam using a nano steamer and Charcoal bubble mask. Gel brows - Maybeline Tattoo Brow, now peelable after 20 minutes!

Lip scrub - Home made using sugar, coconut oil and honey. Lastly - A fresh set of gel toes, ready for this glorious weather.


Day with Rebecca

To relax my myself from the inside out I began my day with a ten minute mediation using a video I found on YouTube. I then prepared some infused water and did an all over workout whilst listening to some 90’s hits.

My workout consisted of.. 15x3 tricep dips 12x3 push ups 10x3 hand walk ups 15x3 crunches 15x3 leg raises 15x3 squats 10x3 per leg raised lunges 1 minute plank

Time to relax, I made myself a hair mask out of coconut oil, mint and cinnamon which is great for encouraging hair growth! I then applied this while enjoying some much needed lunch and of course some champagne. After lunch I gave my feet a well deserved pedicure and finished off with a french gel polish. “Très jolie!”

Time for a few chapters of my current book “The things you can see only when you slow down” before a power nap before a body scrub.

Lastly I had a very relaxing soak in a beautiful bubble bath and applied my fask mask (Guinots Nutrition Confort) one of my must haves.


Day with Kris

To begin I did a morning at home gym session to start the day off, feeling energised for the day ahead.

Later I took some down time with a book “Social Media Marketing” which also will help with keeping up with my work..bonus 2 in 1!

Finally I gave myself a facial, which consisted of Alya Exfoliatir to start with, then I used the Alya Pink Clay Mask and good finish I used the Medik8 Moisturiser. My skin was glowing!


Day with Jenni

I began my pamper by waxing my brows, although mine are micro bladed I always like to remove any “fluff” from around them to give them that defined look. Whilst allowing my skin to settle after my wax king session, I hopped into my Coconut water deep moisturising foot pack, I’ve never used one before so was very intrigued.

I then washed and exfoliating my face using Garnier Pure Active Intense Scrub before popping on my Neutrogena Ageless Boost Hydrogel recovery mask. Which actually left my skin glowing and baby smooth. I attempted to use some cucumber cooling pads but due to me having eyelashes extensions they were a fail!

I then attended to my much needed toes. And gave them a fresh burst of colour to go with this lovely weather we’ve been having. Just because we can’t go on holiday doesn’t mean I can’t give myself some holiday nails!

To end my pamper day I applied some Gold Collagen under eye pads, not 100% if they work yet as I’ve only tried a couple but they at least look fancy! I loved how my skin looked at the end of the day and will definitely be giving myself some self love more often.


I'm sure by now you are all in need of a pamper day or 3. If you aren't able to pend the day then just an hour, anything, whatever time you can spare, do just one thing, no matter how small but do it for you. Love yourself first.

If you do fancy giving yourselves a pamper session we would love to know about it. Upload photos and let us know what you did and tag us in your posts. 


Don't forget we are all in this together!

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