Dermabraision and LED Facial

Posted: Saturday, 21 September 2019 @ 16:14
<h1>Dermabraision and LED Facial</h1>

Our Amazing Dermabrasion & LED Combination Treatment On Offer at DermaNu Clinic


Micro Dermabrasion

Micro dermabrasion is a non chemical, non invasive procedure used to remove the outer layer of skin cells to treat a number of different skin concerns from dull tired skin to pigmentation and acne scarring. By removing those dead cells from the surface of the skin it promotes the growth and reveals healthy new skin cells it stimulates collagen production so your skin will have a smooth texture and youthful glow.

Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and checked over before the treatment will take place. The rotating diamond wand will be used all over the affected area to be treated causing an exfoliating effect removing the outer most layers of dead skin and being removed by the suction effect. The skin will then be calmed and treated with products specifically chosen for your skin concerns. SFP will always be applied after treatment. 

Used to treat

Acne scars

Age spots

Fine lines and wrinkles

Sun damage

uneven pigmentation

Dull tired skin


LED Facial Treatment 

LED phototherapy was discovered by NASA it is a non invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that uses beams of pure light to repair, rejuvenate and restore your skin back to health this award winning treatment by Dermalux, can be used to treat a number of common skin concerns like acne, rosacea, sun burn, signs of aging, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, pigmentation amongst many others and helps to build skin density.

You can have this treatment alone or in conjunction with another treatment it is pain free with no recovery time. Our skin absorbs the wavelengths of the light and uses it as a source of energy, it is a natural biochemical reaction similar to that of plant photosynthesis, working from the inside out, it builds collagen, increases elasticity, boosts circulation, accelerates tissue repair and kills bacteria. We recommend treatment of up to 3 sessions a week for 3 weeks followed by once a week with maintenance of once a month or as required by our specialist depending on your skin concerns. Used to treat Acne Rosacea Sun burn Signs of aging Psoriasis Eczema Dermatitis Pigmentation

Used to treat



Sun burn

Signs of aging





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